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Commerce Insights

Get insights from your Craft Commerce stores.

View and export

  • Customer summaries
  • Transactions (including refunds)
  • Products and who bought them
  • Which products were bought when and who by

Customer summaries

Quickly export key data about your customers. See a customers:

  • total number of orders
  • total amount spent
  • average order amount
  • lowest order
  • largest order
  • First order date
  • last order date
  • number of days between first and last order
  • numbers of days since last order


See all transactions including refunds between two dates. This report shows the gateway.

It also gives a summary of the total number of transactions, total amount and average amounts of paid and refunded.

Product purchases

Quickly see who purchased a product and when. Export the data as a csv to consume in other applications

Products purchased

See which products were purchased between two dates and who by, and the order statuses.