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You've got options

You can set up the plugin to fit your workflow.

Fully automatic

You can set it to automatically request alt text from alttext.ai, and immediately sync the results to the image.

Semi automatic

Want to review the generated alt text? Set it up to have all generated alt text to wait for your review in the plugin review page.


Nothing automatic. You choose which images to send to alttext.ai, and then review the results. Manual and safe.

Alt text generator settings
Alt text generator widget


Get a quick overview of how many images have alt text, and how many need some action

Review generated alt text

Check the generated alt text with the option to ask for a human review of the generated text.

Choose whether or not to sync the generated alt text with the image or reject it.

Alt text generator review
Alt text generator utility

The utility

Use the utility to:

  • Queue all images
  • Check your alttext.ai credits
  • See your site web hook url

Element actions

Queue assets for alt text generation using the handy element action in the assets listing pages.

Alt text generator element action